The journey of RANIKUTHI ANGIK started long before twenty six years ago. A few creative and cultural minded people united together and formed this cultural group and designated ANGIK (meaning STYLE) and surprisingly, amongst the founder members one remarkable woman was there, a music and drama lover Mrs. Ramala Biswas whose open-mindedness and commitment towards the society inspired her to establish a social and cultural organization twenty six years ago in the area of KASBA; Ballygunj area. The main aim of this organization was to work in the field of social and cultural improvement for the children under poverty line and children of the slum area, in the KASBA area. Within a very short period of time ANGIK became a popular name in the field of social work. It started giving free education for the needy children, free workshops open for all for dance classes, drama classes and singing classes, painting classes, free drama and recitation classes. ANGIK also organized various types of sports activities and games for the needy children. ANGIK formed a drama group for elder people after getting a tremendous support from many people. The drama group started performing various dramas and staged it. It immediately conquered everybody’s mind and the plays immensely appraised and were loved by everybody. After a few years, the Address of ANGIK was changed and the journey continued from KASBA to RANIKUTHI; Tollygunge. But the process of work didn’t stop, with more enthusiasm and energy RANIKUTHI ANGIK continued as before. Presently RANIKUTHI ANGIK is working for the children of the tollygunge area. In our society some people goes out of the main stream due to poverty etc. To bring those people back into the main stream of social and cultural activities for the so called social and cultural backward people. RANIKUTHI ANGIK is working very hard with its limited strength. The rickshaw pullers, the daily wage labours, fruit sellers etc have been brought under one roof where they are given drama workshops, crafts making workshops etc. In spite of being a  twenty six years organization, RANIKUTHI ANGIK got registered in the year of 2006. RANIKUTHI ANGIK realized the importance of registration and got registered under the Society Registration Act in the name RANIKUTHI ANGIK. Till now the plays which have been successfully staged are “GULSHAN” by Syamakanta Das, “KANCHANRANGA” written by Shambhu Mitra – Amit Moitra, “NOTI BINODINI” written by Brojen Dey, “JION KANYA” written by Timir Bran Roy, “PUTI-RAMAYANA”,  “HANUMOTI PALA”, “TAKKHAK”, “RAJ DARSHAN”, “TAPUR TUPUR” plays written by Manoj Mitra and also including other plays like “ALIBABA”, “ABAR JODI”, EEDURKAL”, “KRISHNA GOBORDHAN”, “SASH THEKE SURU”, and many other plays. Amongst these dramas a few of them were performed by the female members only. They took part in both male and female characters. Standing in the present situation RANIKUTHI ANGIK pledges to take part in much more big and tough responsible assignments. It aims for drama productions to be performed and participated only by the kids and children’s which are RANIKUTHI ANGIK’s dream project. But due to financial in discrepancies, the project has not yet come into reality. But everybody is hopeful that the dream project will take its real shape and the children’s production will be made possible in nearby future. RANIKUTHI ANGIK also has planning to do workshops for drama by well known teachers for the children performers, and after the workshops the children will present their drama production in various theater houses. RANIKUTHI ANGIK also aims for organizing drama festival only for the kids and children in future. RANIKUTHI ANGIK also celebrates every year from its conception GURUDEV RABINDRANAT TAGORE BIRTHDAY wherein the morning children and senior members come out in processions ‘Probhat Pheri’. In the evening RABINDRA JAYANTI is celebrated by performing songs, dances, recitations and plays written and composed by GURUDEV. ANGIK also written and composed by GURUDEV. ANGIK also celebrates NAZRUL JAYANTI on the Birthday of KAZI NAZRUL ISLAM every year. The present members of RANIKUTHI ANGIK by their heartiest effort and tremendous hard work and their love for ANGIK is making RANIKUTHI ANGIK a responsible, social and cultural organization from past to present. They also promises to work together keeping hand in hand in future also, to serve the society for the betterment of the people. The ultimate goal of RANIKUTHI ANGIK is to serve the people for the overall social, culture and emotional development and which is also the only source of inspiration for the members of RANIKUTHI ANGIK.